Review: Lime Crime Centrifuschia

I AM absolutely in love with this lipstick.
This is my first purchase from the brand and if their other products live up to this standard, I will be hooked!

Lime Crime Sephora

I’m not sure if this lip liner was always so tiny? I’ve had it for a while.

The makeup line has been taking stores (and Instagram feeds) by storm with their bold, bright and at times unusual lip colours, including blue and lilac.
I hadn’t tried the Lime Crime range before because I’d only seen them online and was hesitant to try a colour I hadn’t seen in person.
But luckily, I spotted a display in a hairdressers while I was in Melbourne recently and the hot pink Centrifuchsia caught my eye.
I’m really enjoying the bold lip look at the moment, especially since I’ve started using lip liners lately.
I paired this lipstick with MAC’s Prep and Prime lip primer and a Sephora pencil lip liner in Funky Fuschia. (Who else is excited for Sephora to open their first Australian store next month?! I know I am!)

Sephora lip liner funky fuschia

Sephora’s funky fuschia lip liner is almost lovely enough to wear on its own!

This lipstick is creamy and rich, goes on smoothly and keeps my lips moisturised.
The thing I love most is its STICKABILITY.
When applied with a lip primer and a lip liner underneath, Centrifuchsia is not going anywhere, even when you’re eating and drinking.
Lip colour that stays put has been a major draw card for me lately as I was getting really tired of bold lip glosses that just didn’t have any sticking power.

Lime Crime Centrifuschia
In short, I can’t wait to try the rest of the range — especially since I’m not afraid of using crazy colours!
Have you used Lime Crime products before? What are your favourites?

Lime Crime range photo Blog of Shadows

Photo by Blog of Shadows

11 thoughts on “Review: Lime Crime Centrifuschia

  1. This is such a beautiful color on you! I would love to get my hands on some of these colors but yellow and green may have to stay on the beauty shelves haha! I’ve been reading your blog and you create really great content and I love your photography…AH-Mazing!!! I nominated you for Liebster Awards. Come Check out my blog to see my questions for you, just have fun and discover new blogs while your at it 🙂

    Color U Bold


  2. Ohh definitely excited to try out some of the crazier colours! Why not?
    Also, wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog- I really appreciate it 🙂

    xx Michelle


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