Plaid shirt and faux-leather pants | OOTD

WINTER is here!

Even though Perth weather is never really that severe, we’ve finally started having cold, clear days and freezing nights.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been galavanting around the world in far warmer climates during our last two winters but this year there are no holiday in sight so I’m really feeling the winter weather!

I found this soft plaid shirt in a op-shop and the bright colours immediately caught my eye.

Red and blue plaid shirt and leather pants OOTD | Extraordinary Days Blog

I love the colours of this shirt.

The brand is Hot Options, which is a Target range — but that’s the thing about charity shops – you never know what you’re going to find!

I love the way it feels and it’s casual enough to throw on any time I need something warm but I wanted to show how it could be dressed up — mostly to avoid any connotations to stereotypical flannelette shirt-wearing bogans!

Red and blue plaid shirt and leather pants OOTD | Extraordinary Days Blog

How cool is this creek bed near my house? I’ll definitely have to come back here more often.

I  also brought out this pair of black faux-leather pants that I’ve had for years but never really had the courage to wear them without something long over the top because of the tight fit.

But life’s too short to leave awesome clothes sitting in your cupboard!

Red and blue plaid shirt and leather pants OOTD | Extraordinary Days Blog

This little black bag goes with everything.

Red and blue plaid shirt and leather pants OOTD | Extraordinary Days Blog

This triple chain crystal necklace is from Minc Collections.

For a bit of shine I brought out my Minc Collections three-chain necklace.

This piece has a piece of raw clear quartz, a foreign-looking coin and a large flat piece of amethyst and I love the way it looks — even if it’s a bit heavy! (You can check out the rest of the collection here. I seriously want just about every piece on their website!)

A pair of sturdy Rubi Shoes ankle boots finished the whole thing off. These are my go-to footwear during the cooler months.

Red and blue plaid shirt and leather pants OOTD | Extraordinary Days Blog

A lovely sunbeam came out just before I packed up.

This was also my first time heading out with my tripod and DSLR remote – getting the focus and framing right was far trickier than I imagined!

But I’m excited to keep practicing — even though I’ve got lovely family and friends who help whenever I ask this will just streamline things and help me get more outfits up on here!

How would you style a plaid shirt? Let me know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Plaid shirt and faux-leather pants | OOTD

  1. I love this winter outfit! Plaids are my go to in winter. It’s just now summer here in the US, so sundresses are in season… is it sad that it’s been summer for less than a month and I already can’t wait for sweater weather? Haha.
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup


  2. I love this look!!! I need to invest in a nice plaid shirt so cute! Your pictures are awesome btw! I’ve been wanting take my own pictures especially when I cant get others to do it lol. So you inspired me to try it out!!!!

    Jasmine 🙂


  3. Winter is here: Those are some words that I would love to hear. Here is boiling hot, in some days I feel like I am suffocating! I could use some cold days and freezing nights 😦 That plaid shirt is really cute and it looks great on you!



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